Turning a Vase into a Lamp


I found some really cute vases while shopping at HomeGoods for only $9.99 each.  They had that Anthro feel with the ceramic flower on the front.  I was thinking about painting them when I had an  “ah ha” moment – LAMPS!
All you need to turn a vase into a lamp is a  bottle lamp kit, a lamp harp (They come in different lengths according to shade size.), a screw driver and some silicone.  I got the parts at Lowes, but I’ve seen them other places too.  Parts for one lamp cost about $13.50.
The lamp kit comes with three different size bottle adapters.  You’ll want to pick the one that fits your vase opening.  Follow the instructions on the back of the package for assembly.
The lip on this vase was a little wider at the top, so we added some silicone around the adapter to keep it in place.  We let the silicone firm up for 24 hours before adding the harp.



I made two of them for the master bedroom.   What do you think?


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      That’s a great question, Kim. I didn’t have to drill a hole in the bottom. The cord comes out through the back at the bottom of the bulb socket, so it hangs behind the vase.

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      Hi Pam – I added a photo of the cord to the post for you. I couldn’t email it to you, because you are a “no-reply” commenter, which just means that you don’t have an email attached to you comments.

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    Very cute! I have always wondered if it was difficult to make your own lamp. I would love for you to share this tomorrow at Gettin’ Krafty With It!

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    Those are very beautiful I made a lamp once with a 5 gallon pickle jar I mod podged copies of my son on his dirt bike on the in side and used a matching paint color behind that he was 13 then and now 23.he still has it

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    Wow, this is stunning…very, very, pretty!
    Stopping by from blogtalk, following you now via fb, pinterest, hometalk & subscribing too!. I’m looking forward to browsing your blog!

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    That looks so great! I’ve wanted to try it with one of my vases that I have sitting around the house and I might just try your method. I found you via the LLR party.

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      The shade was bought on sale at Anthropologie a few years ago. They may have discontinued it, but it is worth checking.

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    Love this transformation -don’t love that I bought 1 of those vases for full price at a boutique in Savanah 2 years ago for $40!!!

    I may now make it into a lamp now.

  6. Lucy Beliveau says

    As everyone else has already told you, your lamps are perfectly lovely and you are one, very talented lady! I will be another one of your newbu followers!

  7. Lucy Beliveau says

    This is Lucy again! I couldn’t change my above text to read “newby follower”!!!!

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    Absaloutly Gorgeouse!!! You could use a dimond bit and drill the bottom of the vase if you wanted to put the cord thru it rather than drape down the back. Iether way,it is really beautiful!!!!

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    So glad I came across this! I’ve been searching for a new lamp for my living room to no avail, now I can create my own! Thanks so much for sharing. So happy, I came across your site, will be following along :)