DIY: Horchow Inspired Lamp Shade

DIY Horchow Inspired Natural Cane Lamp Shade

DIY: Horchow Natural Cane Lamp Shade

I love this Horchow natural cane lamp shade (below), but not it’s $275 price tag.
Like a true DIYer I came up with a way to make a shade inspired by the original.
Materials Needed:
drum shade
pre-woven caning
bias tape
hot glue gun
I bought the pre-woven caning at Rockler, but there are other sources on-line.  It is sold by the inch, so I measured the circumference of the shade and bought enough to go around the shade with some overlap.  It comes in different widths, so you can buy the width that is closest to your shades length.  The caning is easy to cut with scissors.  I cut it to the exact measurements of the shade overlapping one set of open weave holes.   I found it to be very pliable and didn’t have any problems with wrapping it around the shade, but it can be dampened to make more pliable.  
I hot glued the canning at the seam.
I bought the bias tape at Joann Fabrics. You could also use twill tape.  The bias tape happened to be closest in the color wanted. I hot glued the bias tape to the edge of the lamp shade.  I turned under the cut edge before gluing to give it a finished look.
The caning can also be stained to make it darker (see below).  Stain the caning and let it dry before you glue it onto the shade.  I used a darker twill tape to finish the edges of this pendant shade.
This is the natural cane lamp shade (below).
I made both lamp shades for under $22 each.
I have a Pottery Barn inspired shade coming up next.



  1. says

    Gotta love a good lampshade – and these are knockouts! Kudos on a job well done. :)
    Following you – first time visitor from Funky Junk.

  2. Nola says

    Love this! Have an old rooster lamp sitting on my bar that needs help, just might have to play with this idea and see what it ends up like. Thanks!!!

  3. says

    Love this lamp! I am excited to be following your blog. I’d love to have you come check out some of my simple ideas over at


  4. says

    I found you on Knock Off Decor and love these lamp shades! I have a shade I’ve been wondering what to do with and I think this might be it! It is a great look and would be super easy to change out later if you ever got tired of it. I’m excited to give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.


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