Not Your Usual Kitchen Window Treatment

Not Your Usual Kitchen Window Treatment

Back in January, I updated the kitchen curtains from dark valances to a lighter curtain.

(I spy my lens cap.)
I like the new lighter feel.
(It was raining when I took these pictures.)
I didn’t want to add the same curtain treatment to the sink window.  I wanted something that wouldn’t block too much light.
I finally saw exactly what I was looking for on one of my favorite blogs Lemonade Makin’ Mama.
(Source – Lemonade Makin Mama)
Sasha had painted and stenciled a piece of old barn wood with the lyrics – You are my sunshine.  I fell in love with it immediately remembering my mother singing that song to us as kids.  I wasn’t sure if it would fit in the kitchen window, but I snapped it up anyway.  I could always find something to do with a sweet sign.
Well, it fit!  Can you see the tiny knothole in the letter S.  I love that hole.  Little rays of sunlight dance through it.
(It, coincidentally, stopped raining.)
I could wash dishes in front of this window all day.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.
Here is the link to Lemonade Makin’ Mama’s Etsy Shop.  She has some really beautiful items for sale. I think this sign was a one time deal, but this sign would be easy enough to make on your own too.
The owl cookie jar was a birthday gift to me, but it is from Anthropologie.


  1. says

    This is wonderful! What a great idea to use that sign as a window treatment. Brilliant!

    “. . . You make me happy when skies are grey.
    You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you–
    Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home!

  2. says

    Stopping by from your feature at Live Laugh Rowe. That window valance is just the idea I have been looking for. I’m pinning it to my to-make list, I love it!


  3. Anonymous says

    I love this. It caught my eye because my mom always sang that song too. Then when I saw in your posting that YOUR mom did this too … well, you just feel like a sista. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I think I might have to try this on my kitchen window. (BTW, your window looks like mine and I have the same sink. I have an old owl cookie jar. Too funny!)
    joanie from Illinois

  4. says

    Love the window treatment! So cute. I also really like the drapes. We are in the middle of a kitchen reno ourselves and I’ve decided to add drapes to the window by the table and in the back entry. I was hesitant to do drapes in the entry because of the muddy shoes hitting them and then decided if I put a bench in front of the curtains it should stop most of the mud transfer. I see you’ve done exactly the same thing with yours and it looks great.

  5. says

    I found your blog through Remodelaholic. That knot hole adds character but how about fitting a blue marble in it. :) I saw on Pinterest the other day someone did this to a fence and WOW, I was smitten. They basically drilled a bunch of holes in their fence and fit glass marbles in the holes and it let little colors through.

    I love your kitchen it is beautiful and I love the pops of blues.

  6. Heather says

    Sooo Cute! I dont see a tutorial. I’d love to make. Where did you buy the stencils for the lettering?

  7. KerriM says

    Any chance you have a picture of the cabinets and your flooring? I have the same color cabinets in our river cottage and am having a terrible time visualizing flooring for it. I’d love to see what you’ve done!

  8. jessica says

    I love this!!! Could you clue me in on how you hung it above the window? Thanks. Hope you see this.

  9. Amanda says

    So cute and such a great idea! Do you mind sharing how you hung the sign above your window? I’m trying to tackle a similar project in our breakfast nook. Thanks for your time!!