DIY Doodle Plate

DIY Doodle Plate:At Home on the Bay

DIY Doodle Plate

The plate wall in the dining room keeps growing as I find new plates to add, but each time I add a plate to one side of the wall, I feel like I have to add a plate to the other side of the wall to balance things.

doodle plate: At Home on the Bay

Over the holidays, I was adding a new plate to one side of the wall, and felt like I needed a balancing plate on the other side.  That was when I came up with this idea. I grabbed a plate that I had picked up at a yard sale for .25 cents and a  black Sharpie.  It all happened so quickly, I didn’t even take a before picture.  I doodled on half of the plate.  It was kind of fun and care free.  If it turned out bad, I was out .25 cents.  But I liked how it turned out.

doodle plate: At Home on the Bay

So it ended up on the plate wall.

I have room for a few more, and then *gasp* I’ll have to stop collecting them.


  1. Sharon Calvert says

    Love your plate; thought you might be interested in the following info I happened across just this morning at:

    ‘Did you know that you don’t have to have one of those “special pens” to set your ink on glass or porcelain? Nope!
    Cassidy showed us how you can use a permanent Sharpie.
    After you write on the surface, place on a cookie sheet at bake at 450° for 30 minutes –
    – but you must put it in the oven before you preheat and let it heat up – and cool down – with the oven before you remove it!!
    Your writing will be set and won’t smudge off. Hand-washing is still recommended though.’

  2. says

    Mary!!!! I LOVE this! You are such an inspriation! Would you mind if I posted it on Facebook?

    Thanks so much for inspiring me today!

  3. says

    Followed your link from Pioneer Woman’s site. The plate looks great. My sister, the artistic one in the family, painted a Christmas plate for me once, and I love taking it out each year and using it. As for me, unless I can make stick figures look cute, I’ll have to stick to decals or stamps. 😉

  4. says

    What a beautiful idea–your doodles are artwork! If your collection grows too large, perhaps you can rotate through them, maybe seasonally or by color? That way you could keep collecting them:) Have a lovely weekend!


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