DIY: Pottery Barn Inspired Chandelier Shades

Here is an easy update idea for chandelier shades.

DIY: Pottery Barn Inspired Chandelier Shades

These Pottery Barn woven wicker chandelier shades (below) were my inspiration.
I bought some 3/8″ twisted manila rope at Lowes.  It comes in packages of 50 feet for under $9 and I used one and a half packages to update 6 chandelier lamp shades.
I cut the beginning of the rope at an angle and started gluing the rope down onto the shade using a hot glue gun.  Watch your fingers, because this stuff is HOT!  I found out the hard way.  Ouch.
I started at the seam and tightly wound the rope around the shade hot gluing along the way and making sure the white shade was completely covered.  Then I cut the end of the rope at an angle and tucked it  with glue into the last row.  This gives it a nice finished edge.
Here is a before and after picture of a shade (below).

I finished the chandelier update by taking off the chandelier candle cover sleeves.  I gave them a coat of black acrylic paint.  (If I was on Survivor : DIY Decorating Island my one luxury item would be black acrylic paint.  I use it so much.)

   This chandelier update cost under $20 for the rope.  I already had the shades and hot glue sticks. 

What do you think?  Does it mimic the Pottery Barn inspiration even though it’s not wicker?
It seams to be all about lighting for me lately, so next up is an Anthropologie inspired shade that I can’t wait to share with you.  I just have to photograph it.


  1. says

    Hi Mary- Oh I love this, such a nice summer look. Love your cost saving ideas! And I think I saw a sneak peak of your curtains you made in the bedroom in your pendant shade update? Can’t wait for the room tour :)

  2. says

    I like your shades much better than the PB wovens. I have woven shades (ancient) in one of my bathrooms and may just copy you, covering them with rope!

  3. Anonymous says

    Just finished making these. I love the look and it was so easy to do! I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $100+ to get the 5 wicker chandelier shades that I needed. I like these so much more than the wicker.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Mary Smith says

    Just saw your rope chandelier shades. I’m trying this project this weekend at our lake house. Could this be anymore perfect?
    Found these while as I was also searching Pottery Barn, as I have 2 of their jars with rope trim. YEAH!

  5. AmyRuth says

    Thank you for sharing…. I’m hoping they have been happy little lights. Any issues with the heat of the light bulb interfering with the glue?

  6. Melinda says

    You’re are way better. I’ve been looking high and low for dark seagrass shades and you’ve given me an alternative to what I have been unable to find. Thank you so much