Updating a Lampshade with Trim

Updating a lampshade with trim

Today, I am sharing a tutorial I did for Jennifer Rizzo last month for updating an old lampshade with trim and ribbon. This is an great way to freshen up a faded or stained lampshade.First, measure the circumference of your lampshade to determine the amount of trim you will need and add a few … [Read more...]

Recycled Paper Bag Gift Wrap Ideas

Recycled Brown Bag Gift Wrap Ideas: At Home on the Bay

Here is an eco-friendly idea for recycling paper bags into holiday gift wrap that even the kids can help with.  So, put on your favorite holiday music.  Heat up some hot cocoa.  Add lots of marshmallows.  You want to entice the kids right?  They will definitely want to participate now.  After all, … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Vase


Easy Halloween Vase  Do you need a quick center piece for Halloween.  You can make a quick vase out of a recycled jar painted with acrylic paint.It is so easy. Just wash and dry an empty jar.  I used a pickle jar, but any size and shape will work.  Paint the outside with acrylic paint.  I used … [Read more...]