Upcycled Teacup Ideas


Photo Sources: Jewelry Cup, Teacup Light, Cake Stand, Fairy Garden, Teacup Candles, Teacup Herb FavorsUpcyced Teacup Ideas Using teacups for tea is so last week. I'm talking about those vintage teacups. They are small and dainty, and they only fit about 6 ounces of tea. Drinking anything less … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Vase


Easy Halloween Vase  Do you need a quick center piece for Halloween.  You can make a quick vase out of a recycled jar painted with acrylic paint.It is so easy. Just wash and dry an empty jar.  I used a pickle jar, but any size and shape will work.  Paint the outside with acrylic paint.  I used … [Read more...]