Freshly Cut Home Decor from Anthropologie

anthro flatware on sale

Freshly Cut Home Décor from Anthropologie I am suppose to be cleaning my messy house, but I got a little distracted when an email showed up in my inbox from Anthropologie about their sale items, so I decided to go virtual shopping instead of scrubbing toilets. You know I love Anthropologie, but I … [Read more...]

A Bird’s Eye View

Bald Eagles on Blue Hill Bay

It happened, and we were in awe. An eagle landed in the tree across the street. Perched on a branch, he was hunting for dinner.The black water is actually a school of fish that the eagle was keeping an eagle eye on. The eagle made a call ...and then there were two.Every once and a while … [Read more...]

When Good Triumphs Over Evil

I don't usually write these kind of posts, but to say that this week's tragedy in Boston rocked me to my core would be an understatement. When we are not visiting our Maine house (that I blog about), we live in the suburbs of Boston close to my husband's work, so this tragedy hit close to home. I … [Read more...]

An Anthropologie Plate Gallery


I just had to show you this gallery wall of painted plates that I saw on a recent trip to Anthropologie.  There is so much inspiration in that store.  A little trip to Anthro helps get me refreshed, whenever I am feeling uninspired .  This art installation was amazing in person and my little iPhone … [Read more...]

Creatively Made Home


  I recently won a spot in the Creatively Made Home e-course.  The course is a collaboration between 5 talented women -  Jeanne Oliver, Jennifer Rizzo, Tracey Leber. Kimberly Taylor and Sara Duckett.  It is a five week on-line course that you can attend from the comfort of your home.  Here are just … [Read more...]