Sweet Dreams Pillow Tutorial

Sweet Dreams Pillow Tutorial from At Home on the Bay

Sweet Dreams Pillow Tutorial Here is a quick little pillow to work on while you are at the beach, or sipping sweet tea on the front porch this summer. This project would even be great for a teen or pre-teen to try hand embroidery. There are three different beginner type hand embroidery stitches … [Read more...]

The Making of a Headboard

The makiong of a headboard

The Making of a Headboard It started out, like all my ideas start out, in random fashion. We were driving to Progressive Field to watch our home team, the Boston Red Sox, play the Cleveland Indians. I was day dreaming about headboard ideas, when we drove over a bridge that had a safety fence … [Read more...]

DIY Upholstered Sofa


What do you get when you take a faded tapestry covered camelback sofa ... ... add some turquoise cotton velvet 98" Ikea Sanela Curtains ... ... plus 150 French Natural Tacks from Fabric Farms Interiors and a little Nesting Place confidence?  Answer: A fun and inexpensive updated … [Read more...]

Another Ikea Hack Pendant Light

ikea hack pendant-light

Another Ikea Hack Pendant Light You know I love a good DIY light project, and this one might be my favorite so far. I wasn't totally sold on the light hanging over the dining table. It  looked like three flying saucers were trying to beam up to their mother ship. That is as diplomatic as I can be … [Read more...]