DIY Painted Flower Umbrella

DIY Painted Flower Umbrella inspired by the Studio DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas #troopstudiodiy

DIY Painted Flower Umbrella –

I had so much fun making this DIY painted umbrella this past weekend. It is inspired by these adorable Fruit Slice Umbrellas from Studio DIY (photo by Jeff Mindell). Fruit slices are really trending right now and this was super simple to make by following Studio DIY’s instructions.

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas from Studio DIY

Photo Source: Studio DIY by Jeff Mindell


I have this little problem though. I have to give everything my own twist and this umbrella idea was no different. I already had several black umbrellas hanging around my house that were just begging for some personality.

diy painted-flower umbrella

There were only a few supplies needed for the project – umbrella, white fabric paint, paint brush, white permanent paint pen and ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.

scotchblue tape

I followed the instructions for the lemon up to step number (5).

petal and stamen detail

For step number (6), I made a curly bracket ” { ” or brace shape to make a flower petal, and filled it in with paint. At step number (7), I used a permanent paint pen to make the stamens. I skipped step number (8).

diy flower umbrella

This is such a fun and cute update to a plain umbrella! I made it just in time for two days of rain too. Yay!

Thank you to ScotchBlue™  for providing the painter’s tape.



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    I love this! We are in the rainy days over here too – a sweet umbrella like this would surely brighten things up – great job!