Where to Donate Your Unwanted Items

where to donate your unwanted items

We have moved four times in the last five years, so I have packing for a move down to a science. One thing that I learned from our first move is that you only want to move the items that you really want and use. Packing for a move is a great time to clean and purge since you have to handle each item anyway. I sorted out the items that I didn’t want to move and put them aside. I found lots of places that would happily take our items for recycling, reuse and charitable donations.

donate clothing

Clothing and Shoes: Clothing and shoes can be packed into plastic bags and dropped off at donation bins for charities such as Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul.

Wire Hangers: Wire hangers can be returned to most dry cleaners for reuse.

donate books

Books: Most libraries except used books as donations for book sales. If your library doesn’t take donations they will be able to tell you who does.

Furniture and Household Items: The Salvation Army, Goodwill and other charities will take furniture and household items. They will pick them up from your home. All you need to do is call them with a list of your donations and schedule a pick up.

recycle electronics

Plastic Bags

Wires, Cords and Cables

CDs, DVDs and Cases

Remotes and Controllers

Rechargeable Batteries

Best Buy has a recycling center where you can return all of the above items. I brought a box of items and set each one into its receptacle. It felt so good to get rid of all those cords that were hanging around from old electronics that were not in use anymore.

Computers: Best Buy also takes computers. I had an old one that didn’t work anymore. My son removed the hard drive for me before I dropped it off.

Papers: I had a lot of old paperwork and statements that I didn’t want to put out in recycling. I shredded all the paperwork which was time consuming and then recycled it, but participating UPS Store locations offer a locked bin option for you to dispose of your personal and business documents using a secure shredding service for a small fee per pound.

It felt so good to have all those unwanted items donated and recycled or reused, and you don’t have to be like me and wait until you move to discard these items.  Think Spring cleaning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

signatureEdited to remove Planet Aid as a possible donation site due to their questionable practices. Thanks, Wade!


  1. Cheapdiva says

    At one point in my life I made 13 moves in 15 years with 4 kids! I used to say my kids’ middle names were Allied, Mayflower, Grabel and United!! The movers got to the point they could use the same manifest from move to move – so I get it! Have only made 4 moves in the last 25 years, so it’s getting better!

    Good luck with the closing and another move!

  2. Tina says

    Oh, thanks for this reminder. We have also moved way, way too many times!! I have a box of cords and such that I was afraid to get rid of, but who remembers what they went to? I’ll let Best Buy have them! I still have more purging to do, especially now that we are in the home we plan to stay in for awhile, and by awhile I mean until we die or move to assisted living.

    I hope things are going well for you! I think of you often with your move, especially in this rugged winter. I hope summer makes up for it all!