Hello Cleveland!

Hello Cleveland!

hello cleveland

What a crazy whirlwind week. It started last Tuesday when we moved our son into his new apartment in the Boston area. Then on Wednesday, I had the carpets cleaned in our rental house which in retrospect was not the best idea, but it was the only day that worked. I did learn that white vinegar in a spray bottle is the best (and cheapest) carpet stain remover. That is what the professionals use. Thursday two very nice men arrived from the moving company and meticulously packed all our belongings. It took most of the day. It was about a half hour after they left that my husband realized they had accidentally packed his briefcase which he needed for work. We had to open about eight boxes before we found it. Ooops.


On Friday three different (but just as nice) men showed up to load everything into the moving van. That is not easy work, let me tell you, and I am so grateful for this service that was provided by my husband’s new employer. The moving van left. We said our goodbyes to our son, and hopped in the car with our 12 year old dog, Jenny. We made it as far as Albany, where we had a delicious pizza and a glass of wine before resting our weary heads.

on the road

Saturday morning we got an early start to the second leg of the trip. We drove through Upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Whew. We arrived at our temporary rental apartment in the late afternoon. Jenny was a trooper.

We will be here until the end of the month. The closing on our new house is scheduled for March 31st. I have so many fun ideas I want to share and I can’t wait to take you on a home tour.

I’ll be back later this week to show you all the places you can bring unwanted household items. I found them all while purging before the move.


Cheers from Cleveland!



  1. says

    I hope everything arrived intact, yourself included! Moving is never easy, but competent moving companies sure make the job easier. I can’t wait to see your new place when you settle in!

  2. Kelly W. says

    Mary, so happy to hear you’ve traveled safely. Will be thinking of you while you settle in and learn the area. Looking forward to hearing about your new place once you’re settled.

    I made the chocolate covered cherries from your recipe last Friday and my family loved them! As a bonus, I found a cherry smoothie recipe on the back of the bag that we tried on Saturday. It was only a hit with half my family but always nice to try new things. ; )

  3. Patty says

    Michael Simon from The Chew always talks about Cleveland and how wonderful it is. I think he has two or three restaurants there also. Hope your move is everything you wanted.

  4. Lori Ann says

    Yeah to Ohio! I am so glad you made it. And I am looking forward to those pics of the new home! You always have such great interior ideas that I know it will fell welcoming for you all!