Hello Floral Chintz


Fabrics from Fabric.com

I was never a big fan of floral chintz, but it seems to be making a comeback, and I’m kind of liking it this time around. It’s growing on me.

For instance, I could definitely wrap my phone in this pretty floral chintz iPhone case from Anthropologie.

floral iphone4 case 24.00

This room, from Sarah Moore’s new book Vintage Home, is so beautiful. I’d like to curl up in one of those chairs with a cup of tea and chat with a friend.

vintage-home-cover by Sarah Moore

This table setting, from Nest Pretty Things, is amazing with its mix of floral patterns.

table setting - Nest Pretty Things

Cath Kidston has so many pretty florals, but I’m particularly sweet on this wallpaper.

Cath Kidston Wallpaper

This Harbor Arbor dress from Modcloth has lots of sweet vintage details.

Modcloth floral dress 59.99

So, tell me. Are you a fan of floral chintz? Is the trend growing on you? Or, do you think it should have stayed back in its heyday of the 80′s?


  1. says

    Well, I guess I think it should stay in the 80s as I just took all the floral chintz out of my cottage. The previous owner had put in a ton of chintz straight from the 80s. But having chintz balloon valances, sofa and love seat was too much for me, especially in a log home. A few throw pillows, tablecloth or even a chair is perfectly fine but that is about all that I think a room can handle or at least that I can handle :)

  2. says

    Interesting! Since I’ve been trying to pull my house out of the 80′s I don’t see myself going back to too much chintz. But I love bringing nature inside so who knows?

  3. says

    I kind of have a nostalgic fondness for the memory of floral chintz even though it’s gotta be 20 years since I sold my rose patterned bedspread and coordinating shams at a yard sale. They were so pretty. However I don’t see anything wrong with just a touch of chintz, maybe in a throw pillow. I always find myself drawn to florals with black backgrounds.

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