DIY: Anthro-Inspired Art Letters

DIY Art Letters


DIY: Anthro-Inspired Art Letters

It’s no secret around here that I love artwork, and these Hand Painted Still Life Monograms from Anthropologie were calling my name. Artwork in the shape of letters … what’s not to like?

hand painted still life monogramHand Painted Still Life Monogram, $48 each @ Anthropologie

 They are made in collaboration with Leslie Oschmann of Swarm for Anthropologie. Made from re-purposed art canvases, they are worth every penny of their $48 price tag.  But with my budget I could only afford half of a letter – never mind several. So you know the drill … my mind’s wheels spin and I come up with my own plan for something inspired by the original, and then there is no stopping this virtual train. The hardest part of this project was coming up with art canvases. I used Picmonkey to make a few images that look a little like paintings on canvas. You are free to download them (see below) for your personal use. Then, I used computer printer fabric to print the images.

DIY Art Letters

Supplies Needed:

Computer Printer fabric

Mod Podge

8″ Paper Mache Letters

Paint and Paint Brush

Downloadable Artwork pdf

pencil, scissors, and iron

I found my supplies at Joann Fabrics, but you can find them online too.

DIY ART LETTER 1.  Paint the sides and front edges of the letter in the color of your choosing and let dry. I used Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Wet Cement, Metallic Gold and Wild Blueberry on these letters.

2. Print the art picture of your choice on the computer printer fabric. Let dry.

3. Trace letter onto fabric, remove backing and cut out letter shape. Follow directions for setting the fabric with an iron.

4. With a brush, apply Mod Podge to top of paper mache letter.

5. Place fabric on top of letter and apply another coat of Mod Podge.  Let Dry. Trim any loose fibers with scissors.

DIY Art Letters

I bought the computer fabric paper ($6 with coupon), Mod Podge ($4) and 5 letters ($2 each on sale) for a total of $20.

These letters would be cute on a shelf or use Command Strips to attach the letters to a wall.


  1. says

    Mary – I love these! We just did a series of posts all about knocking off Anthro items and this was one I wanted to tackle — because I think they are GORGEOUS. I just couldn’t figure out how to pull them off though. Initially I thought I’d try hand painting — but I knew it wouldn’t compare to the beautiful Anthro versions. Printing art onto the fabric is a great idea. Sharing on FB & Twitter!

  2. says

    You are a genius! I would have been trying to paint a scene on each individual letter. Ha! It would take forever! In your spare time, do you thing you could come up with a more attractive CFL for chandeliers? Please?!

  3. Bernita says

    I had never heard of computer fabric paper. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Em says

    Gorgeous. One thought: if you iron the fabric, then glue the letter to the whole piece of fabric, then trim from the back with an X-acto, the fabric won’t fray or distort at all.


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