Thrifty Finds :: The Blues Have It

Thrifty Finds :: The Blues Have It

Maybe it was the way the sun had been shining for a few days this past week that made we want to browse my local thrift shops.  The warmth of the sun reminded me of summer days, and yard sales with friends, and the thrill of a find.  Or maybe it was the impending 2-3 foot blizzard warnings, and the thought of being stuck in the house for several days possibly without power.  What ever the reason, I felt the need to get out and browse my favorite thrift shops.

Thrifty Finds :: The Blues Have It

 Maybe it was the faint memory of blue skies and ocean water from a summer past that attracted me to all things blue, but blue was the color of the day.

Thrifty Finds: The Blues Have It

I found this dainty flower cover dish from Germany and a beautiful turquoise beaded rosary from Italy.

thrifty Finds :: The Blues Have It

And just like that, my purchases took my blues away.

thrifty finds

My finds cost me a total of $18.  I would say that was money well spent on retail therapy.

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    Beautiful, Mary! A bit of thrifting always lifts my spirits, too! I hope your skies turn this pretty shade of blue soon!


  2. says

    These are beautiful blues, Mary! Not your run of the mill color at all! Saturated yet very soft to the eye. I am loving blue these days… and your post makes me want to get out and peruse the the antique and thrift shops around here!