Hey Girl …

hey girl: At Home on the Bay

Ryan Gosling … who?

Hey Girl: At Home on the Bay

A girl can dream … right?


The conversation really went something like this.

Me: I was thinking …

My Husband: Oh no …

Me: Ummm … I thought we could spray paint the refrigerator turquoise.

My Husband: Turquoise … are you serious? … tell me you are kidding! … you ARE kidding, right?

Me: (embarrassed laughter) I’m completely serious … I’ve never been more serious in my life.

My Husband: But it wouldn’t even match anything. 

Me: It would match the light over the sink.

My Husband: (shakes his head and walks away) …

Me: (to myself) Well, he didn’t say “no” yet.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband!  Thanks for putting up with me.


I thought I’d have a little fun and join the ‘Hey Girl’ Valentine Party.


  1. says

    Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!!! Your Hey Girls are toof unny, but the conversation — bahahaha! That’s exactly how it goes in our house. In fact, now whenever I say, “I’ve been thinking…” EVERYONE in the house goes, “Uh oh” in unison. Hee hee hee! ~Angela~