Autumn on the Bay

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the cool crisp air, wearing a sweater and boots, and sipping hot mulled cider.  But what I love most is the way the colors of the changing leaves make the ocean look so blue.

I was looking through my photos and found a few from early fall that I had forgotten about.  The leaves were just starting to change.  We took a stroll along the rocky beach and found a heart shaped rock.

My husband and I took our grandson to the water’s edge.  He loved splashing around with one hand while grasping the toy tractor he got from the Blue Hill Fair in the other.

 Autumn is a beautiful time of year on the bay.


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    I know just what you mean about the changing fall colors turning the water a deeper shade of blue. It’s so hard to capture the beauty with a camera! The photo of your dog looking at your grandson is priceless. :@

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    Wonderful pictures, Mary, just what I needed on this cold gray day. We have a second home on the bay of a lake and I haven’t been there in awhile so this is a happy treat. Your grandson and pup are precious!

    Hope you are doing well.